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Ant farms and ant arenas as well as various ant nests

Here you will find our ant farms, ant arenas, various nests made of different materials for special ant species and equipment such as covers and escape protection frames.

More detailed information about which size and type of formicarium is best suited for which ant species is stated in the product descriptions.

The sizes of the ant farms, Starter kits and ant nests (S, M, L, XL) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the inner distance between the insides of the ant nest or the size of the holes to connect the farms and arenas (adapted to the size of different ant species ).
S = 6mm for small species such as. Myrmica sp.
M = 10mm for medium species such as Lasius sp. and Formica sp.
L = 20mm for large species such as Camponotus sp. with cork and gypsum nest inserts also for smaller ant species M - L
XL = for e.g. Leaf cutter or weaver ants or with gypsum nest inserts also M - L ant species
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