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Starter kits for special ant species

These Starter kits have been specially put together for certain types of ants or certain groups of ants.

We tested the Starter kits during development and adapted them precisely to the different needs of the species. Not only the structure of the Starter kits is perfectly matched to the ants, but also the accessories that are included.

The sizes of the Starter kits (S, M, L, XL) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the inner distance between the insides of the ant farm included or the size of the holes to connect the farms and arenas (adapted to the size of different ant species ).

ANTCUBE - Starter kit for leaf cutting ants - big
The set consists of 55 parts and is suitable for all leaf cutter ant species.
Size: XL
Shipping with Go logistics!
Shipping only possible in Germany.
549,90 €
Bundle Offer - Messor structor
The set consists of 38 parts
Size: M
259,90 €
Bundle Offer - Camponotus barbaricus
The set consists of 34 parts
Size: L
219,90 €
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