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Nests and nest inserts for ants


Our nests and nest inserts made of different materials suited for ants.

The different nest materials and where to use them

Digfix: This is suitable for all types of ants that need soil nests from dry or very humid regions, as well as for species that live in wood.
Concrete / Ytong: Many types of earth-nest digging ants from dry and moist habitats can be kept in it.
Gypsum: Ideal for species of ants that live in or between stones. In addition, gypsum nests are also suitable for species that live in soil nests.
Cork: Optimal for species of ants that live in wood, but also for species that dig into the ground
Gel: Gel is not suitable for long-term keeping of ants. It should be used for a maximum of a few weeks. It is suitable for short scientific or school projects, as well as for transporting ants.

The sizes of the nests and nest inserts (S, M, L, XL) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the thickness of the nest insert as well as the openings and connection options of the nests (adapted to the size of different species of ants).
S = 6mm for small species such as. Myrmica sp.
M = 10mm for medium species such as Lasius sp. and Formica sp.
L = 20mm for large species such as Camponotus sp. with cork and gypsum inserts also for smaller ant species M - L
XL = for e.g. Leaf cutter or weaver ants or with gypsum inserts also M - L ant species

Formicarien gel clear 1000ml
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