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heater mat - foil

Frequently Asked Questions: What wattage is appropriate for my terrarium or formicarium?
 Answer: Rule of thumb: The side or bottom surface of the basin (length + height or width) of the basin in centimeters add together and then divide by three ((L + H): 3).
 Example: For a 60x30cm basin area. It is 60+30 = 90 : 3 = 30 watts

Safety Note: The heating mats are only suitable for indoor use, but not for the outdoor use.  Splash and moist soil is not a problem, but should not be used under water.
Regardless of whether you place the heating mat bottom or side of basin, must always be on one side of the mat is always a distance of at least 1 cm for the exhaust air to be present, as otherwise may constitute a dangerous heat buildup.
Heating Mat 13x10cm - 3W
Size: 10 x 12.5 cms / Europlug for 230 volts
20,90 €
Heating Mat 13x28cm - 7W
Size: 13 x 28 cms / Europlug for 230 volts
22,90 €
Heating Mat 26x28cm - 14W
Size: 26 x 28 cms / Europlug for 230 volts
26,90 €
Heating Mat 39x28cm - 20W
Size: 39 x 28 cms / Europlug for 230 volts
31,90 €
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