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covers - lids

covers - lids

Ant arena frame as escape protection
This is coated from below with an escape protection medium and mainly serves as protection against escape.
This makes it easier to work in the arena without the ants coming towards you or breaking out.
Covering is possible with the "Ant arena cover" or the "Cover glass + grid".
Can also be used without cover and then ensures very good ventilation.

Ant arena cover
Closes very tightly and can be equipped with a variety of additional modules for climate control or lighting via the 50mm holes.

Cover glass + grille
Very robust, non-slip and shock-proof cover with an aluminum mesh for ventilation.
However, without an escape protection frame, not suitable for extremely small species of ants, as they fit through the grids.
No plug-in option for additional modules for climate control or lighting possible.

cover antfarm
Size: (see attributs)

Lid glass + grid 10x10 cm
Material: glass with Alu frame
17,90 €
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