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covers - lids

Ant Arena frame
= There is good ventilation (and dry Mediterranean climate)
= May be with "Ant Arena cover", "glass lid grid", etc. closed (temperate climate) Serves as the outbreak protective edge
Ant Arena Cover
= Coverage for all climates. Can be fitted to the climate control with a variety of complementary modules.

Glass lid closed

= for high humidity (wetlands, forest or tropical climate, such as mushroom basin)
Glass lid grid
= for low ventilation (moderate climate)
= tightly
Glass lid thrust
= for low ventilation (moderate climate)
= with side shift option
Glass lid open
= there is high ventilation (dry and mediterranean climate )
= may be closed with "glass frames cover grid" (moderate climate)
Glass frames cover grid
= suitable for mounting on "glass lid open" or "glass frame basin"
covers - lids