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Everything you need for a Pheidole noda ant colony

This pheidole species is one of the most common ones in southwestern Japan and forms rather small colonies of a few thousand animals. It can be found in several countries in Southeast Asia and prefers slightly increased humidity and temperature. Often you can also find the incorrect name Pheidole nodus. Due to its small size and the demand for the right climate, it is suitable for experienced ant owners. Pheidole noda does not hibernate, so it can be observed all year round. It is also exciting to observe because it does develop soldiers. In contrast to many other Pheidole species, the development of soldiers is not influenced by nest disturbances.

Food for Pheidole noda

Pheidole noda needs a mixture of honey water and protein food to survive. Small insects such as flies, mosquitoes or small crickets are best accepted. There is also the possibility to feed them with grains (sesame, amaranthus, millet). However, it has recently been found that most colonies store grains for bad times, which can lead to problems as grains can go bad over time.

Formicarium for Pheidole noda

Pheidole noda can be kept in our Formicariums in sizes S - M. Pheidole noda nests in the wild both in the ground and under stones or in rotten wood. Accordingly, it can be kept in our Starter Kits with Digfix, cork or gypsum nest insert. However, a nest area with a sand-loam mixture as nest material has proven to be best. Here we recommend our Habitat Rainforest Starter Kit S. This fits best to the natural habitat of the Pheidole noda.

Due to the special demands on the climate in the Formicarium, we recommend the use of technology to control the temperature and humidity.
We recommend the following climate for keeping Pheidole noda:
Humidity: Arena: 60 - 70% Nest area: 60 - 80%
Temperature: Arena: 21 - 30 ° C Nest area: 24 - 28 ° C

Pheidole cf. noda
level 2 - risk class 2
Size: S - M
Food Mix Set - standard
9,90 €
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