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Our ANTCUBE Arena Combi with integrated nest area

In contrast to our other arenas, our ANTCUBE Arena Combi is characterized by an already integrated nest area. All of our arenas can be expanded with additional nests and arenas.

Depending on the desired habitat and ant species, we offer the substrate, nest area, air conditioning, etc. separately. If you have any questions about connection options, find more information e.g. in our shopping guide.

The sizes of the arenas (S, M, L) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the distance between the insides of the nest area or the size of the holes (adapted to the size of different species of ants).
S = for small species such as. Myrmica sp.
M = for medium species such as Lasius sp. and Formica sp.
L = for large species such as Camponotus sp.

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