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Gypsum nests and nest inserts

Our gypsum nests and nest inserts are ideal for ant species that live in or between stones. In addition, gypsum nests are also suitable for species that live in soil nests. The nest has prefabricated naturalistic chambers and passages so that the ants can move in directly.

Since the gypsum nest must have a thickness of at least 20mm in order to be easily manufactured and transported without being damaged, these nests are only available in size L or XL.

The gypsum nest is best used in dry and slightly damp formicariums. If the nest is kept permanently moist, the material can go moldy. Our Digfix nests are an alternative for permanently moist habitats such as rainforest formicariums.

The sizes of the nest inserts (L, XL) do not refer to the external dimensions, but to the thickness or, in the case of the nests, to the possible connections and holes (adapted to the size of different species of ants).
L = 20mm for large species such as Camponotus sp. with cork and gypsum inserts also for smaller ant species M - L
XL = for e.g. Leaf cutter or weaver ants or with gypsum inserts also M - L ant species

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