The queen lifespan

Re: The queen lifespan

Beitragvon Nocommentstd » 30. Okt 2018 00:56

I got a Polyrhachis Dives weaver ant colony with 1 queen and 8-15 worker and i want to know how much the lifespan of the queen!
Sorry for my pretty bad english language!
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Re: The queen lifespan

Beitragvon ariane » 12. Mär 2019 14:06

Please excuse the late reply, we could only see your contribution now.
We don't have any information on that. All information we have about this ant species can be found under the following link:

Hyperlinks sind nur für registrierte Nutzer sichtbar. antstore. net/shop/de/Ameisen/Ameisen-aus-Asien/Polyrhachis-dives-Weberameisen. html

If you find any information about the queen's life, we would be happy to hear from you.

Best regards,
Ariane from the ANTSTORE Team
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