Oecophylla - Artificial Tree - Possible?

Oecophylla - Artificial Tree - Possible?

Beitragvon Occultus » 14. Apr 2016 22:10


I have been wondering if Oecophylla smaragdina/longinoda can be successfully housed on an artificial tree such as a fake ficus. Could a colony nest If the temperature was correct and the humidity was within the correct range with additional daily misting?

I know that test-tubes can work when the colony is still small but I was thinking more long term. Real trees are great but I dislike the idea that the leaves will eventually die and then the tree will need to be replaced.

The tree would be surrounded by a water moat with an air humidifier present.
Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Re: Oecophylla - Artificial Tree - Possible?

Beitragvon AntsNational » 11. Jan 2017 19:03

I have heard that it can work, but I find that a real ficus would be better and easier. Molds could potentially grow on a fake plant whereas a real plant would be different. The best way is with a real plant, but just trim the top branches and eventually the plant will grow as a dwarf. I do this with my lemon bushes. I hope this helps!
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