Pogonomyrmex Californicus

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Re: Pogonomyrmex Californicus

Beitragvon darradar » 28. Aug 2019 21:50

There’s no real help here for the Pogo C, so after receiving my Queen I decided to share a diary here.

After much research it seemed Queens do not do well in the test tube set up, however I decided to at least try in the one she arrived in.... well she had already tried digging into the cotton wool at the water reservoir side, and I mean she really really had dug into it, I assumed it was ‘journey to my door’ stress and gave her a few days to settle, but she did not, she was relentless and determined to get through that cotton wool, but of it where beginning to stray off, so I made the decision to try her in an original ant farm set up, after moving in she immediately began a burrow, she only dug about 2cms n then she gave up, and spent the next few days constantly tooing and froing along the soil surface, to the water test tube and digging at the cotton wool again... I was puzzled, so I went back to my researched book marks, and found the guy who had experimented with queens in test tubes and round soil filled tubs.... the queens in the soiled filled tubs thrived much more than the ones in test tubes, so I set her one up, gave her access and she has spent the last 24hours excavating what I assume to be her founding chamber, because these queens are semi claustral, I have offered her a sterilised dead roach to help regain the energy I’m sure she lost trying to get out of the test tube, she spent almost an hour gauging on it.
She is now in the bottom chamber after excavating, but still working on it.

I’ll be happy to see her either sealed in it, or at least down there I. It, it’s obvious I’ll nit be able to monitor the colony growth for a considerable time, I guess not till I see the first nanitics.
Eating the roach
Eating the roach
Eating the roach
In the chamber
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Re: Pogonomyrmex Californicus

Beitragvon Tison0416 » 8. Sep 2019 21:26


I also ordered a P.Californicus queen one month ago, and put her in a test tube setup. However, during this month, she laid eggs and ate them twice. I gave them protein and also sugar based food. Now there is no eggs left.
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