Feeding my ants earthworms

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Feeding my ants earthworms

Beitragvon 35016 » 27. Sep 2017 03:06

Hi all

I have a worm farm, and I don't have any other insect colonies to feed my ants. Can I feed them tiger worms? Are these nutritious and health for worms?

Any help would be much appreciated! :sign_welcome:
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Re: Feeding my ants earthworms

Beitragvon trailandstreet » 27. Sep 2017 10:41

What species of ants do you have? Not everyone can handle this. Most ants don't like earthworms, sometimes, when they are dead and a little bit dryed, they do.
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Re: Feeding my ants earthworms

Beitragvon Saremos » 21. Mär 2018 10:27

My camponotus ligniperdi dont like earth worms.

First of all it depends on them if they even exept these worms.

Just try it but dont feed only worms.
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