What should I expect with Pheidole species ants?

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What should I expect with Pheidole species ants?

Beitragvon SpeciesK » 14. Mär 2017 08:17

I dug up a colony of ants a couple weeks ago. I thought it was Tetramorium sp. because they were all small workers. They were not very interested in canned dead crickets or candy, but I was happy enough with them. Then I fed them live Superworms (Zophobos morio larvae) a couple days ago. The ants went berserk attacking them! :o And I also discovered they are not Tetramorium sp. ants, but are Pheidole sp. ants because I saw major ants (soldiers) for the first time! :shock: Because of where I live, I am guessing they are Pheidole bicarinata ants, but don't know that to be the case. I was caught by surprise by what kind of ants they are and am now trying to find information about them. I am having trouble finding information about Pheidole ants of any kind. I would guess they act very much alike between species. :?: So I would like to ask you world antkeeping experts for advice keeping my new ants.
What should I expect? Please tell me what I need to know about Pheidole ants because I don't know anything :oops: and I don't know anyone who keeps ants as pets. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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