Leaf-Cutting Ants - Major Research Project

Re: Leaf-Cutting Ants - Major Research Project

Beitragvon Occultus » 2. Mai 2018 13:05

Hello. I’m currently working alongside the University of Gloucestershire to complete a major research project looking at Leaf-Cutting Ant husbandry, a history of Leaf-Cutting Ant displays since the first recorded Leaf Cutting Ant Zoo display in 1938, and a comprehensive review of all literature associated with leaf Cutting Ant management.

I'm looking to contact anyone who has had experience keeping any species of Leaf-Cutting Ants, I would be interested in adding the various methods you employ to a database of husbandry techniques from sources around the world. This would take the form of a questionnaire which will ask a series of questions about the way you keep your ants. The information will be compiled to produce a comprehensive report on the ideal set up and parameters based on the consensus of everyone.
Our goal is to approach everyone around the world and access their experiences and ideas regarding these. Anyone who would like to participate would be sent a form to fill in via email and a contact name.

I hope to get in touch with many members here. You can send me a private message with your contact details if you wish to do so.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards
Che Hawkins
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Re: Leaf-Cutting Ants - Major Research Project

Beitragvon TheDreadinator » 9. Mai 2018 22:17

Hi Che,

i can't help you personally but maybe you can send requests to various zoos that exhibit leaf cutting ants. Best of luck with your research and maybe you can link it once it has been published :)
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Re: Leaf-Cutting Ants - Major Research Project

Beitragvon arthurnottheking » 26. Dez 2019 12:04

Biology and Management of the Texas Leafcutting Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
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Hello Che,

This week I'm about to start my research on Mutualism as a type of symbiotic relationship between Leaf-Cutting ants. I've contacted Michael Merchant, Extension Urban Entomologist from NCSU projects for information and materials, but they didn't reply yet. Could you please share your results? I just need something to start with. Thanks.

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