Prices and registration on site of shop

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Prices and registration on site of shop

Beitragvon Danzel_From_Russia » 31. Dez 2017 09:25

Greetings my european collegues!
I am planning to buy Ectatomma ruidum and Pheidole sinica in 2018?but because they are out of stock I have one question:
What were the prices on both of them when they in stock?
And about registration on site of shop:
I live outside the EU and don not know ny postcodes,streets etc.
How can I register without items above?
Thank for answers
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Re: Prices and registration on site of shop

Beitragvon steffi » 3. Jan 2018 14:36


Many thanks for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we can not say anything about the old prices.
When we get the species, we can not say. Because we are always informed about deliveries at very short notice by our partners.
Unfortunately, we do not ship outside the EU, maybe you know someone who lives in the EU and then could order them for you and then forward them to you.

Sorry that we can not really help you.

Otherwise, try it at Hyperlinks sind nur für registrierte Nutzer sichtbar. There many private ants are offered.

Best regards

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