Camponotus largiceps

Camponotus largiceps

Beitragvon 35016 » 21. Okt 2017 12:33

Hi all

I have a small colony of Camponotus largiceps as well as C. cruentatus.

Regarding the C. largiceps:

1. Do they hibernate? there seems to be conflicting information on this
2. What is their favourite food and what is considered a balanced diet? I feed them honey water and Dubia roaches right now, is that enough?

Regarding Cruentatus?

1. When do they start hibernating?

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Re: Camponotus Largiceps

Beitragvon HarryAnt » 21. Okt 2017 13:49

I think both (C. largiceps & Cruentatus) should have a small alleviated form of hibernate - similar to Messor barbarus for example.
So try to reduce the Temperatur for 4-6 weeks during ~ december to february to 15 degress +/-.

They will not stop completely the activity but all is reduced.

Maybe you know or can find out from which area your colonies came from and take a look on a climate diagram.

Your Food seems to be good. You can try to alternate it a bit. For example a bit pure honey, sugar water, maple syrup and for Proteine u can try all Kind of fly, Spiders or other insects you can find.
My favourite is Schokoschaben / Shelfordella lateralis cause they have good size and a soft armor and for small colonys I prefer fruit flys (the not flying Kind from zoo market).
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